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Beica, newest addition to the vault


My commission offers will be based on the slot type as to ensure my patrons have a fair amount of attention too!

Please do not ask to be put into a queue or waitlist; Slots are offered first to my patrons, and then to the public if the slot is not claimed after 2 days.

Private to Patreon (2 monthly, max)
I will offer two commissions per month, maximum, that will be given to the commissioner for a window of time before being posted to patreon.These slots are charged on an hourly basis.

Permanent Private (1 bi-monthly, max)

Self explanatory. These mods will remain private. You may choose to distribute and share these mods freely, with proper credit.

If you choose to launch a private mod into patreon, I will issue a partial credit to your next commission.

Slots are 300 USD and include consultation, topology, FF-ready texture work, and rigging.

Private to Patreon mods may not be shared with more than 20 people. Part of the discount is that you're allowing me to share the work with patrons. Spreading the commission on a large basis impacts me.Before the commission is finished, we will discuss the patreon release month. Once it is scheduled, I will not post it earlier by request.I will not redo a mod from any creator without a significant reason (private / design choice / serious issues)I will not port indie models without express permission from the creator.All commissions are to be paid by Paypal Invoice before work is started.Refunds will only be issued if I cannot deliver a functioning mod, given the limitations we are provided (albeit, I'll do my best to ensure we push those limits)Please let me know in advance if you'd like me to refrain from posting WIPs of the commission on social media.I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission for any reason.


KemonomimiAnthroGirlsWLFTrans WomenSFW / NSFW / Pinups
Male charactersAbusive fetishesExtreme goreAnimalsFutanariMecha

Commissions are not first-come-first-serve. I'd like to take on projects that I enjoy to ensure that I can provide a good looking result in a timely manner!

If a commission slot is open and available, please send a private message to my discord account Bizu#4444 or twitter account @bizuart.

Info coming soon



  • Discord Exclusives

  • Paid private commissions

  • Large-scale commercial use

  • Share Patreon content before public release.

  • Post my content on the main TexTools server.

  • Resell my work

OK :

  • Gumroad posts / exclusives

  • Patreon posts / exclusives

  • Personal Discords +XIVMA post

  • XIV Mod Archive Post

When using my work, I would appreciate if my work was used with the intent to give, create, and share your best.

While I do not mind my work being used for commissions and paid work, I would appreciate if the download was made publicly available. As long as the mod is available through a reasonable donation / free link and easily accessible through a webpage.

This does not include invite-only servers

Basically; As long as what you're doing is not on the DO NOT list, then you're good. Have fun. Share and post. Go nuts.



Custom work pricing is based on the complexity of the object ; the more detailing, the more time it will take.

My custom work rates start at 20 USD an hour ; this includes the modeling, retopology, texturing, and rigging of the model.

Your end deliverable will include the 4k textures, rigged FBX, and the ttmp needed to use the mod.

Fixes / Edits

Minor adjustments and fixes are not included in the pricing and come complimentary of my service - I make mistakes sometimes and I'm happy to fix things up for you.

Major changes will be charged by the hour, however so please be active in communicating your needs to me!

I will not fix other people's mods / commissions for you -- this is only for my own.

Patreon discounts and points apply to both types of commissions.


Ports are charged by the piece, as I'm usually able to finish each type of clothing within a consistent, predictable time-window.

Head$ 20
Chest$ 50
Pants$ 30
Skirt (Short)$ 30
Skirt (Long)$ 50
Shoes$ 30
Complexity Fee$ 20~30
Fresh Nikki Fee$ 50
Dupe Nikki Fee$ 60
Ripping Fee$ 15
"I also want this"-25%